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Total NSSPI Graduates: 65

Degrees supported in nonproliferation or related topics

  • M.S. Degrees: 49
  • M.E. Degrees: 3
  • Ph.D. Degrees: 18

NSSPI has also supported students in many other research areas and departments.

Employment Sectors after Graduation


See a list of our students' theses and dissertations

Corey Keith
Posted: 05/2/2016 -- Corey Keith will be graduating with a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering in May.  Keith worked with Dr. William Charlton on a project to investigate trace uranium-236 content variations in world-wide geologic uranium deposits.  Nuclear signatures, whether for forensics or safeguards applications, utilize two broad class­es: comparative and predictive. While compar­ative methods analyze a sample against a data­base of previously measured samples, predictive signatures utilize the underlying physics of the system to draw conclusions about the origin of the sample. Keith's work evaluates th...  Read More
NSSPI Director Dr. Sunil Chirayath speaks at NSSPI anniversary celebration
On April 25th, the Nuclear Security Science and Policy Institute (NSSPI) held an event to celebrate its tenth anniversary.  NSSPI students, faculty, and staff joined with administrators and coll...  Read More
Julia Eigenbrodt
Julia Eigenbrodt will be graduating with her Ph.D. degree in nuclear engineering this May. She worked with Dr. William Charlton to develop a methodology employing Passive Neutron Albedo Reactivit...  Read More

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