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S.B. Gerlt, P. Nelson, S Rajgopal, and L.V. Krishnan, "Towards Safeguarding the Fast Breeder Reactor Fuel Cycle," 55th Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, Atlanta, Georgia, 20-14 July 2014.


The rising need for power for the world's growing population has increased the demand for reliable energy production. Nuclear energy has been a major provider of energy around the world, and with the proposed Generation IV designs seems poised to increase its output in the future. With increasing international interest in closed fuel cycles, it is highly probable that the technology for a closed fuel cycle will spread as the demand for it increases. The objective of this report is to analyze a closed fuel cycle portion in equilibrium, determine the facility most sensitive to diversion, and develop a safeguards approach for said facility. Particular attention will be paid to instrumentation as a method of reducing the uncertainties associated with safeguards measurements.

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  • Technical Analyses of the U.S.-India Nuclear Accord

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