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C.M. Marianno, "Terrorist Threat and Consequence Management in Radiological Security," Health Physics Society 60th Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, 12-16 July 2015.


Health physicists can be essential contributors to risk reduction at nuclear and radiological facilities, and for materials in transport. Essential to establishing an appropriate nuclear security regime is understanding the threats to security from non-state actors, the possible consequences from a lapse in security, and the elements of response and consequence management during and after a nuclear or radiological security event. This PEP discusses the concepts of nuclear terrorism (who, what, where, when and why), elements of facility border and source security and consequence management at the local, state and national level. The PEP ends with a group-based tabletop exercise (TTX). At the end of the PEP, the participant should have a broad understanding of radiological terrorism, response and consequence management, and should be able to conceptualize the roles of the health physicist in these important areas of nuclear and radiological security. Participants are highly encouraged to consider enrollment in Sessions 2-F and 3-F as well. The three sessions combined will provide the participant a well-rounded view of nuclear and radiological security in today's environment.

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