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J. Eigenbrodt, W. Charlton, H.O. Menlove, S.J. Tobin, M. Seya, H.R. Trellue, A.M. Bolind, "Simulations and Preparation for PNAR Measurements of Fugen Fuel," Proceedings of the 35th ESARDA Annual Meeting, 27-30 May, 2013, Bruges, Belgium.


The Next Generation Safeguards Initiative Spent Fuel (NGSI-SF) Project will be deploying a non-destructive assay (NDA) system to measure the heavy water moderated, light water cooled Fugen reactor fuel assemblies. The NDA system combines the following NDA techniques: (1) Passive Neutron Albedo Reactivity (PNAR), (2) total neutron, (3) total gamma and (4) three fission chambers based neutron detectors sensitive to different parts of the neutron energy spectrum. Before deploying this system to Fugen, a variety of fresh fuel assembly comprised of differing numbers of low enriched rods (3.2%, 0.7% 0.3% and 3.2% with Gd) will be measured at Los Alamos National Laboratory in water-based experiments that will used a Cf source place inside the assembly to provide a driving neutron source. The sensitivity of the neutron portion of the system will be assessed to positioning of the assembly inside the detector as well as to the removal/replacement of pins. Furthermore the variation in the relative intensity of the neutron flux in the thermal, epithermal and fast regions will be benchmarked. Deployment of this detector system at the Fugen reactor site is expected in the summer of 2013.   

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