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Philip Casey Durst and Claudio Gariazzo, "The Prospect of a Revitalized Russian and American Nuclear Safeguards Partnership," Proceedings of 50th Annual Meeting of INMM, July 12-16, 2009, Tucson, AZ.


Recent developments in the world have provided an opportunity for the Russian Federation and United States of America to form a stronger partnership in support of Nuclear Safeguards and the Non-proliferation Regime. There is a natural fit between these two countries, because they have a need to mutually demonstrate verifiable and meaningful nuclear arms reduction under the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). They also have a mutual interest in ensuring that nuclear material is effectively safeguarded worldwide. To this end, this paper outlines how this partnership could be further advanced, with recommendations for specific nuclear safeguards collaboration and research. It also outlines how this collaboration could lead to a bilateral inspectorate, akin to ABACC or EURATOM, which could potentially inspect member states. This bilateral partnershipcould ultimately become a regional inspectorate covering the North Asia and Pacific region, supplementing safeguards efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), thereby ensuring more effective nuclear safeguards and security in the region. 


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