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S.L. Stewart, M.T. Swinhoe, J.L. Thron, W.H. Geist, and W.S. Charlton, "Monte Carlo Modeling of Correlations in Pulsed Neutron Data," 53rd Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, Orlando, Florida, 15-19 July 2012.


The ORTEC digiBASE-E (ORTEC, 801 S. Illinos Ave., Oak Ridge TN 37831) is a compact photomultiplier tube endcap designed to handle all of the necessary power and signal processing requirements of a scintillation gamma-ray detector. The list mode feature of this device was used by a custom software package (CraneWow, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843) to gather data during seaport operations unloading cargo containers. A number of difficulties were encountered in creating the software and are catalogued here to aid future users of the device.

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  • Investigating Correlated Neutrons from Pulsed Interrogation for Treaty Verification Applications

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