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S. Chirayath, R. Metcalf, J. Ragusa, and P. Nelson, "Assessment of Proliferation Resistance Requirements for Fast-Reactor Fuel-Cycle Facilities," Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Facility Operations - Safeguards Interface, Portland, Oregon, March 30 - April 4, 2008.


Inclusion of intrinsic safeguards in fast reactor systems could lower one of the barriers to a closed fuel cycle. This project aims to locate and evaluate the proliferation concerns in a generic fast reactor fuel cycle: plutonium driver fuel from LWR or CANDU spent fuel with a depleted uranium blanket and PUREX reprocessing. Proliferation Resistance (PR) measurement methodologies have rarely, and never quantitatively, been applied to fast reactor systems. A literature review has been completed of the known fast reactor PR evaluations and additional PR methodologies applied to other reactor systems. Quantitative estimates for the material flow in a fast cycle were developed. The GEN IV International Forum suggested Multi Attribute Utility Analysis (MAUA) methodology for its semi-quantitative approach. From these reviews, estimates, and suggestions, this project applies a multiplicative MAUA methodology of assessing PR to establish the points in the fuel cycle of most interest. These areas of interest are analyzed in more detail and a methodology for the inclusion of intrinsic safeguards in these areas is being developed. Threat-scenario selection and metrics are along GEN IV PR&PP methodology guidelines and allow for quantitative trade-off studies as envisaged by GEN IV International Forum.

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