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C. Gariazzo, C. Marianno, D. Cui, X. Cheng, and L. Shao, "A Flexible, Si-Based Neutron Detector for Safeguards Applications," Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting for the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, Baltimore, Maryland, July 11-15, 2010.


Neutron detectors are useful tools for detecting radioactive material in safeguard and homeland security applications. Unlike photons that can be easily shielded, neutrons readily penetrate shielding material and have low natural background. With the proper application of neutron detectors useful information on radioactive materials can be obtained. Neutron detection is currently dominated by the use of compressed He-3 and BF-3 gas tubes. Field applications involving these types of neutron detectors can be problematic. For best detection results these detectors should be as close to the source as possible, but the geometry of these neutron tube detectors can be limiting. In addition, with the current shortage of He-3 and the hazardous material issues of BF-3, alternative technologies are being investigated. This talk will explore the possibility of integrating a layer transfer technique with neutron detection to fabricate a flexible neutron detection system. By employing these types of detectors, it is hoped a high detection efficiency will be realized by maximizing surface area (therefore, maximizing neutron interaction in the detecting medium) and having close proximity to reduce interference from other sources. Flexibility will assist in measurements occurring in tight configurations as well as optimize detectability in high background areas such as nuclear fuel cycle facilities. Details of the fabrication process, technological issues, and field application results will be discussed.

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