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Our Students

NSSPI students have unique opportunities for research, education and professional development. NSSPI students participate in foreign field experiences, present their research results in national and international forums, and have premier internship opportunities at national laboratories.

NSSPI faculty and students established at Texas A&M the first student chapter of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM). Students working on NSSPI-sponsored projects also are members of both the Student INMM chapter and the International INMM chapter. As members of the organization, our students have opportunities to present research projects, publish articles and immerse themselves in the professional nuclear nonproliferation culture supported by laboratories and governments around the world.

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Degrees Earned by NSSPI Students* by Year

*NSSPI students are students who were advised by NSSPI faculty members. NSSPI has supported students in many other research groups and departments, as is partly reflected in the list of theses and dissertations.

Theses and Dissertations by NSSPI-Supported Students*

  1. J. Erchinger, August 2017, "Development and Demonstration of an Ultra-Low-Background Liquid Scintillation Counter" (Ph.D.)
  2. L. Pompilio, May 2017, "Analysis of 10 CFR Part 810 General Authorization Data on Assistance to Foreign Atomic Energy Activities" (M.S.)
  3. I. Tsorxe, May 2017, "Baseline Measurements of Natural Radioactivity at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service- Disaster City" (M.S.)
  4. M. Hawila, December 2016, "Combined Safety and Security Risk Evaluation Considering Safety and Security-Type Initiating Events" (M.S.)
  5. J. Trevino, December 2016, "Dosimetry for Search and Rescue Dogs in Contaminated Environments" (Ph.D.)
  6. M. Subbaiah, August 2016, "An Analysis on the Correlates of Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Energy" (M.S.)
  7. J. Allred , August 2016, "Experimental Analysis of Plutonium Product and Raffinate Waste Streams from a PUREX Process on a low Burn-up, Fast Neutron Irradiated DUO2 Pellet" (M.S.)
  8. L.D. Cochran, August 2016, "Preliminary Dose Assessment for Emergency Response Exercise at Disaster City Using Unsealed Radioactive Contamination" (M.S.)
  9. M. Shah, August 2016, "Radiation Detection Using Integrated Circuits" (Ph.D.)
  10. E. Kitcher, August 2016, "Xenon-Induced Power Oscillations in a Generic Small Modular Reactor" (Ph.D.)
  11. C. Keith, May 2016, "Investigation of Trace U-236 Content Variation in World-Wide Geologic Uranium Deposits" (Ph.D.) See Document
  12. M. Bencomo, May 2016, "Parametric Study of molybdenum-99 Production using a Sub-critical Low Enriched Uranium Assembly Design Proposed by Niowave, Inc." (M.S.)
  13. J. Eigenbrodt, May 2016, "Spent Fuel Measurements: Passive Neutron Albedo Reactivity (PNAR) and Photon Signatures" (Ph.D.) See Document
  14. M. Johansen, May 2016, "The Nuclear Weapons Latency Value of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with the Islamic Republic of Iran" (M.S.) See Document
  15. M. Swinney, December 2015, "Experimental and Computational Assessment of Trace Nuclide Ratios in Weapons Grade Plutonium for Nuclear Forensics Analysis" (Ph.D.) See Document
  16. J. Gerhart, December 2015, "Simulation of Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence for the Quantification of Plutonium-239 in Spent Nuclear Fuel" (M.S.) See Document
  17. J. Cavaluzzi, December 2015, "Time-Based Risk-Informed Safety Margins: Concepts and Application to Heterogeneous Systems" (M.S.) See Document
  18. S. Horowitz, August 2015, "Use of a High-Purity Germanium Semiconductor Detector for Rapid Post-Nuclear Event Forensics" (M.S.) See Document
  19. J. Martin, December 2015, "Prototype Demonstration of Gamma Insensitive Centrifugally Tensioned Metastable Fluid Neutron/Alpha Detector" (M.S.) See Document
  20. D. Hellfeld, May 2015, "Feasibility of Remote Nuclear Reactor Antineutrino Directionality via Elastic Electron Scattering in the WATer CHerenkov Monitor of ANtineutrinos (WATCHMAN)" (M.S.) See Document
  21. R. Elmore, December 2014, "Dynamic Agent Based Modeling using Bayesian Framework for Addressing Intelligent Adaptive Nuclear Nonproliferation Analysis" (Ph.D.) See Document
  22. G. Spence, December 2014, "PHOENIX: A Reactor Burnup Code with Uncertainty Quantification" (Ph.D.) See Document
  23. M. Smith, August 2014, "Analysis of Radionuclide Deposition Ratios from the Fukushima-Daiichi Incident" (M.S.) See Document
  24. M. Volia, August 2014, "Implementation of Integrated Planning Concept to Strengthen Indonesian Radiation Emergency Response Capabilities" (M.S.) See Document
  25. D.J. Sweeney, August 2014, "Nuclear Weapons Latency" (Ph.D.) See Document
  26. N. Kafle, August 2014, "Statewise Correlates of Civil Nuclear Energy" (M.S.) See Document
  27. J.M. Osborn, August 2014, "Trace Fission Product Ratios for Nuclear Forensics Attribution of Weapons-Grade Plutonium from Fast Breeder Reactor Blankets" (M.S.) See Document
  28. T. Coles, May 2014, "Computational Nuclear Forensics Analysis of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Separated from Fuel Irradiated in a Thermal Reactor" (M.S.) See Document
  29. J.S. Feener, May 2014, "Fluorescence Imaging for Nuclear Arms Control Verification" (Ph.D.) See Document
  30. Z. Kulage, December 2013, "Encrypted Nanoparticles for Security, Counterindustrial Espionage, and Counterfeiting" (Ph.D.) See Document
  31. J. Webster, August 2013, "Cost-Sensitive Classification Methods for the Detection of Smuggled Nuclear Material in Cargo Containers" (Ph.D.) See Document
  32. A. Le Coq, August 2013, "Design of a Safeguards Instrument for Plutonium Quantification in an Electrochemical Refining System" (M.S.) See Document
  33. S. Stewart, August 2013, "Investigating Correlated Neutrons from Pulsed Interrogation for Treaty Verification Applications" (M.S.) See Document
  34. J. Miller, August 2013, "Investigation of Trace Uranium in Biological Matrices" (Ph.D.) See Document
  35. M. Grypp, May 2013, "An Analysis of a Spreader Bar Crane Mounted Gamma-Ray Radiation Detection System" (Ph.D.) See Document
  36. A. Khudoleeva, May 2013, "Conceptual Development of Remote Monitoring System for PWR Spent Fuel Dry Cask Storage through Neutron and Gamma Transport Simulations" (M.S.)
  37. J. Erchinger, May 2013, "Investigating the operational Capabilities of Custom and Pedestrian Portal Monitoring Systems for Screening Livestock for Radioactive Contamination" (M.S.) See Document
  38. E. Pedicini, May 2013, "Passive Neutron Detection in Ports for Homeland Security Applications" (M.S.) See Document
  39. B. Goddard, May 2013, "Quantitative NDA Measurements of Advanced Reprocessing Product Materials Containing U, Np, Pu, and Am" (Ph.D.) See Document
  40. M. Fitzmaurice, December 2012, "Developing a Methodology for Characterizing the Effects of Building Materials' Natural Radiation Background on a Radiation Portal Monitoring System" (M.S.) See Document
  41. M. Sternat, December 2012, "Development of Technical Nuclear Forensics for Spent Research Reactor Fuel" (Ph.D.) See Document
  42. J. Rogers, December 2012, "Modeling Study of Proposed Field Calibration Source Using K-40 Source and High-Z Targets for Sodium Iodide Detector" (M.S.) See Document
  43. E. Kitcher, December 2012, "Performance and Safety Analysis of a Generic Small Modular Reactor " (M.S.) See Document
  44. C. Myers, December 2012, "Quantitative Methodology for Assessing State Level Nuclear Security Measures" (Ph.D.) See Document
  45. N. Chandregowda, August 2012, "Assessment of the Fingerprinting Method for Verification of Spent Fuel in MACSTOR KN-400 CANDU Spent Fuel Dry Storage" (M.S.) See Document
  46. A. Goodsell, August 2012, "Flat Quartz-Crystal X-ray Spectrometer for Nuclear Forensics Applications" (M.S.) See Document
  47. G. Hearn, August 2012, "Mutable Detector Array Software for the Detection of Gamma Emissions in Classrooms and the Field" (M.S.) See Document
  48. C. Conchewski, August 2012, "Physical Security System Sensitivity to DBT Perturbations" (M.S.) See Document
  49. Rodi, P., May 2012, "Algorithms for Incorporation of Dynamic Recovery in Estimating Frequency of Critical Station Blackout" (M.S.) See Document
  50. L. Holewa, May 2012, "Angular Anisotropy of Correlated Neutrons in Lab Frame of Reference and Application to Detection and Verification" (M.S.) See Document
  51. S. Revis, May 2012, "Determination and Mitigation of Precipitation Effects on Portal Monitor Gamma Background Levels" (M.S.) See Document
  52. D. Bruss, May 2012, "DSA Preconditioning for the Sn Equations with Strictly Positive Spatial Discretization" (M.S.) See Document
  53. N. Fredette, May 2012, "Imaging Heterogeneous Objects Using Transport Theory and Newton's Method" (M.S.) See Document
  54. J. Justina, May 2012, "Radiation Transport Simulation Studies using MCNP for a Cow Phantom to Determine an Optimal Detector Configuration for new Livestock Portal" (M.S.) See Document
  55. G. Spence, December 2011, "Directionally Sensitive Neutron Detector For Homeland Security Applications" (M.S.) See Document
  56. J. Creasy, December 2011, "Thermal Properties of Uranium-Molybdenum Alloys, Phase Decomposition Effects of Heat Treatments" (M.S.) See Document
  57. E.T. Gitau, August 2011, "Development and Evaluation of a Safeguards System Concept for a Pebble-fueled High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor" (M.S.) See Document
  58. A.M. LaFleur, August 2011, "Development of Self-Interrogation Neutron Resonance Densitometry (SINRD) to Measure the Fissile Content in Nuclear Fuel" (Ph.D.) See Document
  59. R. Ghanbari, August 2011, "Exploration of Ion-Exchanged Glass for Seals Application" (M.S.) See Document
  60. C.M. Ryan, May 2011, "Determining the Impact of Concrete Roadways on Gamma Ray Background Readings for Radiation Portal Monitoring Systems" (M.S.) See Document
  61. M. Mella, May 2011, "Pathways Analysis for State Proliferators" (M.S.) See Document
  62. H. Singh, December 2010, "A Cost Effective, Integrated and Smart Radioactive Safeguard System" (M.S.) See Document
  63. J.J. Jarrell, December 2010, "An Adaptive Angular Discretization Method for Neutral-Particle Transport in Three-dimensional Geometries" (Ph.D.) See Document
  64. G. Tanase, December 2010, "The STAPL Parallel Container Framework" (Ph.D.) See Document
  65. X. Xu, December 2010, "The STAPL pList" (M.S.) See Document
  66. G.R. Hundley, August 2010, "Bayesian Network Analysis of Radiological Dispersal Device Acquisitions" (M.S.) See Document
  67. Y. Hristova, August 2010, "Mathematical problems of Thermoacoustic and Compton Camera Imaging" (Ph.D.) See Document
  68. A.S. Stafford, August 2010, "Spent Nuclear Fuel Self-Induced XRF to Predict Pu to U Content" (M.S.) See Document
  69. K. A. Miller, May 2010, "An Inverse Source Location Algorithm for Radiation Portal Monitor Applications" (Ph.D.) See Document
  70. N. Parham, May 2010, "Development of Real-Time Fuel Management Capability at the Texas A&M Nuclear Science Center" (M.S.) See Document
  71. D. Strohmeyer, May 2010, "Feasibility Study of a Portable Coupled 3He Detector with LaBr3 Gamma Scintillator for Field Identification and Quantification of Nuclear Material" (M.S.) See Document
  72. J.S. Feener, May 2010, "Safeguards for Uranium Extraction (UREX) +1A Process" (M.S.) See Document
  73. M.R. Sternat, December 2009, "Application of a Constrained Optimization Technique to the Imaging of Heterogeneous Objects Using Diffusion Theory" (M.S.) See Document
  74. D.W. Kuberski, December 2009, "Domestic Audiences, Policy Feedback, and Sequential Decisions During Military Interventions" (Ph.D.) See Document
  75. B. Goddard, December 2009, "Real-Time Detection of UREX+3a Extraction Streams for Materials Accountancy" (M.S.) See Document
  76. E. Rauch, May 2009, "Development of a Safeguards Approach for a Small Graphite Moderated Reactor and Associated Fuel Cycle Facilities" (M.S.) See Document
  77. R. Metcalf, May 2009, "New Tool for Proliferation Resistance Evaluation Applied to Uranium and Thorium Fueled Fast Reactor Fuel Cycles" (M.S.) See Document
  78. J. Miller, December 2008, "Analytical Inverse Model for Post-Event Attribution of Plutonium" (M.S.) See Document
  79. D.G. Ford, December 2008, "Assessment Tool for Nuclear Material Acquisition Pathways" (M.S.) See Document
  80. C.R. Freeman, December 2008, "Bayesian Network Analysis of Nuclear Acquisitions" (M.S.) See Document
  81. D. Sweeney, December 2008, "Reactor Power History from Fission Product Signatures" (M.S.) See Document
  82. A.L. Thornton, December 2007, "Development of a Portable Neutron Coincidence Counter for Field Measurements of Nuclear Materials using the Advanced Multiplicity Capabilities of MCNPX 2.5.F and the Neutron Coincidence Point Model" (M.S.) See Document
  83. T.V.K. Woddi, December 2007, "Nuclear Fuel Cycle Assessment of India: A Technical Study for U.S.-India Cooperation" (Ph.D.) See Document
  84. K. E. Chesson, August 2007, "A One-Group Parametric Sensitivity Analysis for the Graphite Isotope Ratio Method and Other Related Techniques Using ORIGEN 2.2" (M.S.) See Document
  85. A. Solodov, August 2007, "Use of Open Source Information and Commercial Satellite Imagery for Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime Compliance Verification by a Community of Academics" (Ph.D.) See Document
  86. D.D.J. Giannangeli, III , May 2007, "Development of the fundamental attributes and inputs for proliferation resistance assessments of nuclear fuel cycles" (M.S.) See Document
  87. N.A. Johansen, III, August 2006, "An active system for the detection of special fissile material in small watercraft" (M.S.) See Document
  88. R.W. Candalino, August 2006, "Engineering analysis of low enriched uranium fuel using improved zirconium hydride cross sections" (M.S.) See Document
  89. M.R. Scott, August 2005, "Nuclear forensics: attributing the source of spent fuel used in an RDD event" (M.S.) See Document
  90. D.E. Burk , May 2005, "Forward model calculations for determining isotopic compositions of materials used in a radiological dispersal device" (M.S.) See Document
*NSSPI-supported students include graduate students in a variety of different research areas and departments whose research leading to their thesis or dissertation was funded by a NSSPI-led project. This is not an exhaustive list.

Summer 2017 Graduate

Jennifer Erchinger

Ph.D. - Nuclear Engineering

Total NSSPI Graduates: 75

Degrees supported in nonproliferation or related topics

  • M.S. Degrees: 56
  • M.E. Degrees: 5
  • Ph.D. Degrees: 21

NSSPI has also supported students in many other research areas and departments.

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