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USDA Research at TAMU Beef Facility: April 2012

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April 2012

Faced with the possibility of having to evaluate and decontaminate millions of head of cattle efficiently in the case of a radiological incident, the USDA has turned to NSSPI researchers Dr. Craig Marianno and Dr. Sunil Chirayath, along with NSSPI graduate students, to develop a portable radiation portal monitor specifically designed to test livestock for radioactive contamination.  The project builds on research that led to the development of existing animal portal monitors intended for household pets. The NSSPI team is working with Dr. Andy Herring in the TAMU Department of Animal Science to determine how best to implement radiation monitoring in a real farm or ranch setting. Commercial pedestrian radiation portal monitors were tested with cows from the TAMU beef facility.  Sealed sources were placed in protective cases and attached to the animals using strap...  Read More

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