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2012 July: Kenyan Workshop

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July 2012

NSSPI faculty organized a series of lectures and exercises relating to nonproliferation and Safety, Security, and Safeguards (3S) for a group of twenty-nine Kenyans attending a Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) workshop from July 8 through August 8.  The workshop was focused on building the capability in Kenya to embark on a nuclear power program, and current 3S standards and practices were presented to the group as fundamental requirements of any nuclear program.  The participants in the workshop represented a wide range of professionals from the Kenyan government, academia, and the private sector. NSSPI faculty member Dr. Alexander Solodov made a presentation to the Kenyan delegation on "Safeguards and the IAEA" and NSSPI Research Engineer Claudio Gariazzo gave them an introduction to Nuclear Security.  Solodov, Gariazzo, and a group of NSSPI students also ...  Read More

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