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Timothy  Jacomb-Hood

Timothy Jacomb-Hood

Department: Nuclear Engineering
Research Group: Combatting Nuclear Terrorism

Timothy Jacomb-Hood's research topic is Ultra-High Rate Germanium (UHRGe) gamma spectroscopy for post-detonation nuclear forensics. PNNL is working on creating a germanium spectrometer that can handle extremely high photon flux while still maintaining reasonable throughput. Jacomb-Hood is going to be applying this spectrometer to the analysis of post-detonation samples. Two high-flux scenarios relevant to nuclear forensics include measuring volatile fission product mass chains within the debris cloud and measuring fallout particles. The measurement of short lived nuclides after a nuclear detonation will provide significant information about the detonation and there is currently no spectrometer designed for prompt measurement.



NSSPI Publications

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  2. T. Jacomb-Hood, L. Scott, M. Shah, K. Ford, S. Horowitz, M. Subbaiah, C. Gariazzo, S. Chirayath, D. Kovacic, S. Mladineo, M. Schanfein, and M. Koskelo, "The Safeguards and Organizational Culture Workshop," 57th Annual Meeting of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management (INMM), Atlanta, Georgia, 24-28 July 2016.
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  4. T.W. Jacomb-Hood, C.M. Marianno, J.E. Fast, B.A. Van Devender, "An Overview of the Ultra-high Rate Germanium Detector," 2016 South Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society (STC-HPS) Student Presentation and Annual Business Meeting, Bryan, Texas, 16 April 2016.
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  6. T.W. Jacomb-Hood, "Presenting Radioisotope Identi cation Detectors (RIIDs) for Threat Detection to Non-technical Professionals," American Nuclear Society Student Conference 2014, State College, PA, 5 April 2014.
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