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Russia Extends GIF Cooperation by Ten Years

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:17 CST
World Nuclear News

Russia has signed the ten-year extension to the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency's (NEA's) Framework Agreement for International Collaboration on Research and Development of Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems. The agreement was signed yesterday by William Magwood and Sergey Kirienko, respectively the director generals of the NEA and Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

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EDF Purchase of Areva Means Changed Financial Structure for Hinkley

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:16 CST

Plans for EDF to buy Areva's nuclear business are set to have an impact on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project. The deal will mean a shake-up in the shareholder structure of Britain's first new nuclear plant to be built in a generation, an official at EDF's British subsidiary said.


Russia to Launch First Satellite for New Space Defense Network in November

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:16 CST
Sputnik News (originally published Jun 29, 2015)

The development of Russia's new unified missile early warning network is proceeding on schedule, the first satellite of the space component will be launched in November 2015, and a senior Aerospace Defense Forces (ADF) commander said Monday. "Everything is going according to the schedule, approved by the Russian defense minister," said Maj. Gen. Oleg Maydanovich, chief of the ADF Space Command. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu annouced in October last year that Russia had started the developmen...

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How to Stop States from 'Weaponizing' Nuclear Programs

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:11 CST
The National Interest

Long before a final Iran nuclear agreement was on the horizon, plans have been afoot to generalize the hoped-for results of diplomacy far beyond the borders of the Islamic Republic. If these ideas bear fruit, after an Iran deal happens, most of the world’s nations will commit not to do things that are critical for building nuclear arms. Of the 185 non-nuclear weapons state parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), nearly all countries with significant nuclear infrastructure have c...


Bunker-Busting Bomb on Standby as Iran Nuclear Talks near End

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:11 CST

Gathered around conference tables in Vienna, diplomats are working feverishly to hammer out the terms of a long-elusive nuclear deal with Iran. The official deadline for an agreement is Tuesday, but the parties have all but declared that talks will not be concluded by the stroke of midnight. Though the negotiations are likely to continue for at least several more days in search of an agreement, the remaining obstacles and dragging timeline are raising questions about whether a deal will be re...

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U.S., Iran Presidents Issue Warnings as Nuclear Talks Extended

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:10 CST

Iran and world powers gave themselves an extra week to reach a nuclear accord, extending a deadline due to expire on Tuesday, while U.S. President Barack Obama said there would be no deal if all pathways to an Iranian nuclear weapon were not cut off. With talks in the final stretch, Iran's president Hassan Rouhani also spoke out, saying his country would resume suspended atomic work if the West breaks its promises. "Ultimately this is going to be up to the Iranians" to meet the requirements s...


Syria’s Unresolved Nuclear Issues Reemerge in Wake of ISIL Advance and Ongoing Civil War

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 16:10 CST

The destroyed Al Kibar reactor site in Syria is now under the control of ISIL/Daesh, which is apparently dismantling and possibly conducting excavation activities at the site. Its intentions are unknown. There is no new information about Syria’s supply of uranium that would have been used in the destroyed reactor, although it is not believed to be at the reactor site or in the hands of ISIL/Daesh. Syria’s nuclear assets need to be located and placed under international monitoring or removed f...


EU Funds Diversification of Russian Reactor Fuel Supply

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 17:13 CST

Westinghouse Electric Company and eight European consortium partners announced today that they have received €2 million ($2.2 million) in funding from the European Union "to establish the security of supply of nuclear fuel for Russian-designed reactors in the EU". The move means that operators of Russian-built reactors in the EU will not have to rely solely on Russia's Rosatom for nuclear fuel supply.


South Africa's to Seek Bids in July to Realize Nuclear Ambitions

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 17:10 CST
Nuclear Street

The bidding process for six to eight nuclear power plants in South Africa – a deal potentially worth $80 billion or more – will begin in July, the government in Johannesburg said. The program is being billed as a potential 1-trillion rand program. Without naming a specific date, the government said the bidding process would begin next month, according to the Business Report.

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Grafenrheinfeld Ends Electricity Production

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 16:40 CST

The single-unit Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant in Germany was disconnected from the grid on 27 June after 33 years of operation. The government had ordered the plant to close by the end of this year as part of the country's energy transition.


French Minister: No New Target Date for Iran Nuclear Talks

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 16:00 CST

Negotiators trying to rein in Iran's nuclear program have decided not to set a new target date to conclude talks, France's foreign minister said Monday, and he warned that if an agreement isn't "very robust," other countries in the Middle East will seek to develop nuclear weapons. Fabius said the negotiators decided Sunday that the talks will go past their June 30 target date to wait for answers to outstanding questions. He said he expects foreign ministers from the seven countries to return ...

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Way Found to Give UN Access to Suspect Iran Sites: US

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 16:00 CST
AFP (originally published Jun 30, 2015)

Global powers negotiating with Iran have drawn up a system which will give the UN atomic watchdog access to all suspect Iranian sites, a senior US official said Monday. “We have worked out a process that we believe will ensure that the IAEA has the access it needs,” the administration official told reporters. “The entry point isn’t we must be able to get into every military site, because the United States of America wouldn’t allow anybody to get into every military site, so that’s not appropr...


Factbox - A Guide to Nuclear Talks between Iran and Six Major Powers

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 15:59 CST
Reuters (originally published Jun 28, 2015)

Iran and six world powers - the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China - are in what may be the final phase of negotiations aimed at securing a deal on sanctions relief in exchange for limits on Iranian nuclear activities. The six powers have a June 30 deadline but diplomats close to the talks expect that to slip.

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Russia to Ready Prototype of New Heavy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by October

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 15:58 CST
International Business Times (originally published Jun 26, 2015)

Russia is currently working on a prototype of the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which is likely to be ready by October, a source in the country’s military-industrial complex told TASS news agency on Friday. The production of the prototype was previously expected to be completed by June. “According to the adjusted schedule, a prototype of Sarmat will be ready at the end of September or beginning of October. The red line that cannot be crossed is the end of October,” T...

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Should the US Spend $1 Trillion on Nuclear Weapons?

Posted: Jun 29, 2015 15:58 CST
The Diplomat (originally published Jun 27, 2015)

The United States will have to spend $18 billion a year for 15 years starting in 2021 to keep its nuclear weapons operational, Kris Osborne over at reports. His assessment is based on the testimony of U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work in front of the House Armed Services Committee yesterday. The subject of the hearing was nuclear deterrence. The Pentagon is in the middle of initiating the modernization of its nuclear triad (land-based missiles, submarine-launched missiles, a...


Germany's Nuclear Power Retreat Enters Final Phase with Grafenheinfeld Closure

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 19:41 CST
Nuclear Street

Germany’s nuclear power phase out begins its final phase with the closing of the 1.3 GW Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant this Saturday. The plant is the first of the final nine plants scheduled for decommissioning, which represent the nine newest plants in the country, according to German media. The reactor in the southern state of Bavaria is only 33 years old, about half of its potential operational life expectancy. But German utility E.ON decided to close the plant ahead of the governmen...


End Game for Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 16:30 CST
Voice of America

With the arrival of Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif, in Vienna Friday, the climax to nearly two years of intensive negotiations is at hand. Opponents and advocates of a long-term nuclear agreement with Iran are marshaling their best arguments in an effort to influence the talks before a June 30 deadline, which a senior State Department official acknowledges may be pushed a few days. At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Thursday, two witnesses ...

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Saudi Seeks Nuclear Deals, Alliances to Counter Iran

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 16:27 CST

Saudi Arabia is pursuing its own nuclear projects and building alliances to counter Iran, which is days away from a potential atomic deal Riyadh fears could further destabilize the region. The United States and other major powers will hold weekend talks with Iran in Vienna, aiming to finalize by Tuesday an agreement to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear weapon. They also worry Washington is not taking their concerns about Iran's "destabilizing acts," in the Middle East seriously enough.

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Iran Nuclear Deal Down to the Wire

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 16:27 CST
U.S. News & World Report

The final countdown is on as negotiators begin the last stretch of talks attempting to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran before Tuesday’s deadline. Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Vienna Friday to join the U.S. negotiating team, which also includes U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, as they work with the major powers to reach an agreement. The June 30 deadline is self-imposed, and negotiators have indicated talks could continue past it if a deal is perceived to be wit...

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Work: Strong Nuclear Deterrence is Critical to National Security

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 16:26 CST
U.S. Department of Defense (originally published Jun 25, 2015)

Ongoing nuclear upgrades by Russia, China and North Korea make it critical for the United States to maintain a strong nuclear deterrent force now and far into the future, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work told a House panel this morning. Work testified before the House Armed Services Committee during a hearing on nuclear deterrence in the 21st century. Joining him was Navy Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr., vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Work said a nuclear attack is the only existenti...



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