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China Facility to Process Nuclear Waste

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:53 CST

China has begun to build its first facility for disposal of highly radioactive liquid waste, using a technique that combines the liquid with glass to form a solid, the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said on Friday. The techniques for disposing of low and medium-level radioactive liquid waste are considered mature, but those for disposal of more radioactive grades still need breakthroughs.

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GLE Slows Down, but Continues Discussions with DOE over Paducah

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:52 CST
Nuclear Engineering International Magazine

Global Laser Enrichment has announced plans to slow down its commercialization activities, blaming market conditions, but also said it remained optimistic about the technology. Despite the problems in the market, GLE continues to discuss the possibility of building a laser enrichment facility at Paducah, Kentucky to enrich depleted tails with the US Department of Energy. GLE was chosen by DOE in November 2013 to manage Paducah and re-enrich tails. Negotiations include the sale of the uranium ...


The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:51 CST
World Nuclear Report

The World Nuclear Industry status Report 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of nuclear power plant data, including information on operation, production and construction. The WNISR assesses the states of new-build programs in current nuclear countries as well as in potential newcomer countries. A 20-page chapter on nuclear economics looks at the rapidly changing market conditions for nuclear power plants, whether operating, under construction, or in planning stage. Reactor vendor strategie...


N. Korea to Continue Nuclear Weapons Development If U.S. Threats Continue: Envoy

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:50 CST

North Korea's deputy chief of mission to the United Nations said Friday the communist nation has no option but to continue the development of nuclear weapons if U.S. threats against the country continue. Amb. Ri Tong-il made the remark after calling an emergency press conference at U.N. headquarters in New York, claiming that no other country in the world is under constant threats like North Korea, and his country needs nuclear weapons to deter such threats.


Time is Short for Iran to Address IAEA’s Nuclear Weapon Concerns

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:49 CST

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reportedly expressed concerns that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not address by a late August deadline two key outstanding issues concerning allegations of Iran’s past and possibly ongoing work on nuclear weapons, or the so-called “possible military dimensions,” (PMD) to its nuclear program. Unless Iran addresses the IAEA’s concerns before the deadline, the chance is reduced of successfully negotiating a long term nuclear agreement between th...


Iran Denies Agreement over Arak or Fordow Nuclear Facilities

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:49 CST
Eurasia Review

A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator has dismissed allegations of Iran’s consent to scale down its uranium enrichment program. “Any agreement about Arak or Fordow nuclear facilities is denied. No agreement has so far been reached about the issues under discussion [with six world powers], including these two sites, and the differences still remain,” Abbas Araqchi, who is also a deputy to the Iranian foreign minister, said.


A World Gone Mad No Longer: Why A Robust Missile Defense Must Be A Centerpiece in U.S. Security Strategy

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:49 CST
Missile Defense Review (originally published Jul 30, 2014)

Homeland missile defense is not about Democrat versus Republican. It is not about creating a “boondoggle,” to feed our defense industries. It does not “destabilize,” the international system, nor will cutting it help usher in a world without nuclear weapons. Missile defense is about protecting the United States and its allies against ballistic missile threats that may not always be deterred by promises of retaliation. Today, the United States faces multiple adversaries with ever-advancing bal...


The Specter of North Korean ICBMs

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:48 CST
The Diplomat (originally published Jul 31, 2014)

Despite North Korea’s increasing isolation from its only strategic ally and benefactor, China, it has remained resolute in its antagonistic stance against the U.S. in recent weeks, especially as South Korea and the U.S. conduct regular military drills in the region. North Korea has responded by increasing its tempo of missile launches, and on Wednesday it was revealed that Pyongyang could be preparing for a full intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test. The U.S. has responded with new a...


Chinese Provincial Agency May Have Confirmed Secret Long-Range Missile

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:47 CST

A Chinese provincial department appeared to have inadvertently confirmed the existence of an intercontinental ballistic missile that may be able to carry several nuclear warheads and travel as far as the United States. The state-backed Global Times tabloid carried a report about the missile in its online edition on Friday based on an internet posting by the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station, which said a military installation in the province was developing the weapons...

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NATO, Poland Voice Concerns on Russia's Missile-Treaty Compliance

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:46 CST
NTI (originally published Jul 31, 2014)

NATO and Poland joined with the United States on Wednesday in voicing concerns that Russia was in violation of a Cold War-era nuclear missile treaty. After months of speculation on when it might happen, Washington earlier this week officially accused Moscow of violating the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with its testing of a ground-launched cruise missile. The bilateral pact bans possession of any missile with a range between 310 and 3,400 miles. Russia has denied any wrongdoing.


Pakistani Leader Said Intent on Developing New Nuclear 'Understanding' with India

Posted: Aug 1, 2014 15:46 CST
National Journal (originally published Jul 31, 2014)

As new peace talks approach, Nawaz Sharif's government eyes a "very comprehensive proposal" with India on easing atomic-arms tensions, says a senior Pakistani official. "We have [a] very comprehensive proposal that we have given to India, to establish an understanding on the strategic -- meaning the non-conventional -- as well as on the conventional weapons," the senior Pakistani figure told reporters late last week while in Washington for talks with U.S. officials. "We are very proactive on ...


Senators and South Africa

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:43 CST
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (originally published Jul 30, 2014)

Yesterday the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) held a hearing on nuclear diplomacy with Iran. Speakers made several references to South Africa’s nuclear past and what it means for the six powers trying to negotiate a verification agreement with the Islamic Republic. The IAEA and South Africa twenty years ago successfully resolved questions about South Africa’s former nuclear weapons activities. That record is resonating now among critics of the Iran/P5+1 process because Iran is ...


A Look Ahead

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:42 CST

What’s next on nonproliferation and international security, in Washington and around the globe.


Iran’s Near 20 Percent Stock: Status and Need to Reduce Size

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:42 CST

On July 20, 2014, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed in its report on the implementation of the interim agreement, the Joint Plan of Action, that Iran had completed the down-blending and conversion into oxide of its near 20 percent low enriched uranium (LEU) hexafluoride stocks. This report details the status of Iran’s near 20 percent LEU stocks at the end of the interim period.


Cutting Too Deep: The Obama Administration’s Proposals for Nuclear Security Spending Reductions

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:40 CST
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

The substantial nuclear security budget cuts proposed by the Obama administration for fiscal year (FY) 2015, if approved, would slow progress toward preventing the essential ingredients of nuclear bombs from falling into terrorist hands. Many of the proposed cutbacks are not the result of completing projects under the four-year effort to secure vulnerable nuclear materials or putting the mixed oxide (MOX) fuel program for plutonium in cold standby. The drop in funding would result in real and...

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Spanish Regulator Sets Conditions for Garoña Restart

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:40 CST
World Nuclear News

The operator of Spain's Garoña nuclear power plant, Nuclenor, has until the end of September to provide a schedule to meet a series of requirements set by the country's nuclear regulator for its restart. At its meeting on 30 July, the Nuclear Safety Council (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, CSN) voted in favor of issuing a complementary technical instruction to Nuclenor on documentation and additional requirements associated with its operating license renewal application for the Garoña plant.

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Heap Leach Trials for Olympic Dam

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:39 CST
World Nuclear News

BHP Billiton has applied for government approval to build a demonstration-scale heap leaching plant at its Olympic Dam mine, as the company looks for more economical ways of expanding the South Australian project. Olympic Dam has been operating as an underground copper and gold mine, with uranium as a significant by-product, since 1988. Environmental approvals were granted for a large-scale expansion to include an open pit adjacent to the existing underground mine workings in 2011, but in mid...

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India Seeks Japan's Approval to Reprocess Spent Nuclear Fuel

Posted: Jul 31, 2014 15:38 CST
Asahi Shimbun

Japan has been asked to approve reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel in India as part of negotiations to conclude a nuclear power agreement between the two nations. But though the Abe administration is eager to export nuclear power generation infrastructure as a pillar of its economic growth strategy, some Japanese government officials are cautious about approving the request from India. According to officials of both the Japanese and Indian governments, India’s request is in line with the nucl...

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Russia Declared In Violation of INF Treaty: New Cruise Missile May Be Deploying

Posted: Jul 30, 2014 14:42 CST
FAS Strategic Security Blog

The United States yesterday publicly accused Russia of violating the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The accusation was made in the State Department’s 2014 Compliance Report, which states: “The United States has determined that the Russian Federation is in violation of its obligations under the INF Treaty not to possess, produce, or flight-test a ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM) with a range capability of 500 km to 5,500 km, or to possess or produce launcher...

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Obama Curbs Nuclear Security Goals as Bomb-Building Budget Grows

Posted: Jul 30, 2014 14:35 CST
The Center for Public Integrity (originally published Jul 29, 2014)

Since the start of his presidency, Barack Obama has been clear that one of his major goals was to secure nuclear weapons and materials, and as recently as March, at the Nuclear Security Summit in Holland, the president declared that “it is important for us not to relax but rather accelerate our efforts over the next two years.”



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