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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

Underwater television (UWTV)

The portable underwater television (UWTV) system is mainly used for verifying bundles in spent fuel ponds of CANDU type reactors. It can also be used for other kinds of underwater inspection. A complete system consists of a radiation hardened camera, a camera control unit (CCU) and various accessories such as a motorized 90° rotating head and a lighting system. Light accessories are available for long and short distance verification activities. For bundle ID verification, the camera must be capable of reading small letters under limited light conditions and of withstanding very high radiation levels, while still remaining watertight at a depth of 15 m in water. The CCU has a built-in monochrome monitor for on-site review. The video can also be recorded on an external videocassette recorder.


(Source: IAEA Safeguards Techniques and Equipment)