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System of containment/surveillance measures (C/S system)

A combination of containment and/or surveillance measures. Each C/S system is designed to meet a purpose specified in the IAEA's safeguards approach. To increase reliability, a C/S system can include one or several C/S devices. Containment/surveillance devices and containment may be used in such a way that each plausible diversion path is covered by at least one device (single C/S). For redundancy purposes, C/S devices may be backed up (duplicated) by a similar device. In a dual C/S system, each plausible diversion path is covered by two C/S devices that are functionally independent and are not subject to a common tampering or failure mode (dual C/S), e.g. two different types of seal, or seals plus surveillance. Dual C/S is normally applied where the verification of nuclear material is difficult to perform, in order to increase confidence in the C/S results and reduce the requirements for periodic reverification.


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