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Spent Nuclear Fuel Surveillance Equipment

Single NGSS camera (Source: NNSA)
Single NGSS camera (Source: NNSA) 

Table 13 is an interactive list of some of the IAEA surveillance equipment useful for spent fuel monitoring, along with  descriptions.

Table 13. IAEA surveillance equipment useful for spent fuel monitoring applications.


Underwater television

Figure 19. Photo of an UWTV unit. (Source: NNSA)

Surveillance System Type: Single Camera

Description:  Commercial underwater closed circuit television (CCTV) system for inspector attended fuel ID verification in storage ponds.  Usually used to ID CANDU fuel bundles.

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Fuel Transfer Video

Surveillance System Type: Multi-Camera

Description:  Facility specific CCTV system used at fuel transfer ponds

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Next Generation of surveillance system

Ngss -system
Figure 20. NGSS System with 24 cameras and associated electronics racks (Source:  NNSA)

Surveillance System Type: Single/Multi-Camera

Description:  Modular and scalable optical surveillance system. Can be used above/out of water movements of spent fuel.

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