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Safeguards Application

IAEA safeguards begin with the establishment of a Material Balance Area (MBA) and Key Measurement Points (KMP). Inventory KMPs represent areas where the nuclear material would be stored and made accessible for inventorying and verification by the facility operator, State Regulatory Authority (if required), and IAEA. The inventory flow KMPs, which are numbered and denoted by diamonds, are positioned to verify the inventory changes or transfers (Source: Ref 7). 

In this activity we will start with the most basic diagram layout for a typical ISFSI.  The flow of spent nuclear fuel in dry casks is indicated.  The MBA for this facility goes around the entire facility.  You will now drag the key measurement points to where they should go on the diagram and click "submit." This activity is best completed on a computer monitor or large tablet using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 17 or later; Safari 5.1 or later; or Internet Explorer 9 or later.  

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