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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

Role of Organizations

The role of organizations includes security policy statement, management structures, resources, and review and improvement.

 Within a State there are various organizations that have responsibilities associated with nuclear security, including:

  • regulators;
  • radioactive source users;
  • operators of nuclear facilities;
  • border and customs officers, and  
  • transporters of radioactive material

Security Policy Statement

 A State's legal framework is basis for an organization's policies.  These policies determine the environment of the workplace and influence behavior of personnel.

Each organization must have a security policy that declares a strong commitment to quality of performance in all nuclear security activities.  This policy should:

  • make it clear that security is a high priority;
  • give security priority over operational demands;
  • give senior management the authorization to resolve conflicts of priority (safety, security, operations);
  • be clear and provided to all staff.

The organization is responsible for nuclear security in all activities under its jurisdiction.

Management Structures

The management of an organization must define roles, responsibilities, and accountability for each level of the organization and appoint a competent individual whose responsibility is nuclear security.


Organizations must ensure that all security personnel have the necessary qualifications through training and development programs. They must provide the appropriate resouces to implement the different security responsibilities, including necessary equipment and information.

Review and Improvement

All organizations must conduct regular reviews of their nuclear security practices and systems.  This review should take into account: 

  • lessons learned (internal and external);
  • changes in threat levels;
  • information/intelligence exchanged with other organizations regarding issues like transport or border operations.

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