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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

Role of Managers

Roles of managers are definition or responsibilities, definition and control of practices, qualifications and training, motivation, and audit and review.

As we discussed earlier, managers are positioned to influence the culture of an organization. Through their behavior, managers demonstrate their commitment to nuclear security. They can also employ incentives and disincentives to establish patterns of desirable behavior among personnel.

Managers should foster an effective nuclear security culture by ensuring that people understand that:

  • A credible threat exists;
  • Nuclear security is important.

Managers should furthermore: 

  • Maintain effective communication within the organization and with other related organizations;
  • Ensure training is conducted to develop skills and reinforce nuclear security commitment;
  • Motivate staff members through rewards and recognition;
  • Be open to ideas that improve security;
  • Seek continual improvement; and 
  • Work to prevent complacency.


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