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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

Attitudes of Individuals

The role of individuals is strict and prudent approach, vigilance and questioning attitude, and speed of reaction.

Individuals in an organization are accountable for their behavior.  They should be aware of the results of a failure in nuclear security, including the ramifications for the facility, the State, and the world, and this awareness should inform their behavior.  If personnel are not willing and motivated to perform their prescribed duties, then even the most advanced security systems and the newest equipment may not lead to a secure facility.

To this end, personnel should be required to

  • comply with facility rules, regulations, and procedures;
  • adopt a rigorous and prudent approach to security responsibilities;
  • undergo drills and exercises to reinforce their understanding of response procedures; and 
  • maintain confidentiality with regards to any information that could undermine security.

The public also has a role in the development of nuclear security culture. Organizations should work with media and the public to raise awareness to security culture. When the general public seems apathetic to the threat of nuclear terrorism, they are much less likely to report suspicious activity or deficiencies, to call media and government attention to potential problems at facilities, and to support funding for nuclear security.

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