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Categories of Insiders: Active Insiders

Active insider-  an individual who takes a hands-on role in an inside attack and is willing to open doors or assist in thwarting response efforts, be it physical or other. Within this category an insider can be either violent or non-violent. 

Non-violent active insider- an insider who will take risks that may lead to his or her identification, but whose participation may be limited to tampering with systems rather than seeking violence.

Violent active insider- an insider who will likely use force, regardless of its necessity in the situation. Within this category an insider could be either irrational or rational.

Insiders -categories

Limited (or temporary) insider - an insider who participates in an act on a one-time basis.

Expanded (or permanent) Insider-  an insider who is not a one-time only participant, but rather a continuous participant in a malicious act that can perform tasks over an extended period of time. 

Insiders -categories -limited -expanded

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